How to deal with an answer that is presented like someone's used a foreign-to-english dictionary on each word, but the whole content is obscured?

For example this answer
User seems to be making an effort to help, but the finer points are lost in translation.

Semi-Related meta question but that assumes there's something salvageable in the question/answer, that needs to be dug out of the wording.

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If the OP doesn't look like she's going to fix the answer ==> and there's a useful answer embedded somewhere in there ==> I'd go ahead and edit it for clarity and grammar.

If it's a right holy mess of incomprehensible blather, I'd flag it for removal.


Well, basically all you can do is ask for a clarification and vote/flag it if necessary.

You can also suggest they also post the content in their native language as well as in English (not in its stead). If someone improves it with a translation, thats good.

But you'd have to vote/what not on the languages you understand.

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