How do I search for tags on Bicycles at Stack Exchange? If, for example I search for the tag [led-lights], I try gets a response like this:

The led-lights tag has no wiki summary, can you help us create it?

learn moreā€¦ top users synonyms You are on the Unanswered tab. There are no unanswered questions at the moment. Perhaps you'd like to select a different tab?

Clicking the Questions tab or the Bicycles link at the top doesn't do anything.

I am using the Safari browser on Mac OSX 10.8 (Mountain Lion).

(Maybe it is a Safari problem, searching seems to work in Chrome).

Perhaps someone with more reputation might like to move this to Meta?

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I think you are on the Unanswered tab at the top right-ish. You probably want to click on Newest to see all questions with that tag in order of most recently modified.

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  • You could be right. I think I got confused between Unanswered in the top row and unanswered in the second row of tabs. Now I have noticed both, Chrome and Safari work the same. Thanks. – Nigel Davies Aug 12 '12 at 21:30

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