I am very new to cycling and I don't know which cycle best suits me. I live in India. My doubt is whether, I can ask which MTB cycle I can buy? I will state my budget.

Please let me know soon, I am in need of an MTB cycle.

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Generally open-ended "shopping" questions are frowned upon. See Let's Go Shopping!

There are probably 100 "What kind of bike should I buy?" questions posted already, so you should probably start by searching for those.

You will likely notice that the better questions have specific criteria - like this one about a bike for recreation and fitness that will fit in a car.

The better questions say things like "I have characteristic A, B, C and needs 1, 2, 3. What should I look for in a bike that will meet those characteristics and needs?"

Examples are things like What to look for in a bike for a 6'6" person, or a person over 350 lbs, or a bike that will be used for long distance touring, or to tow children.

Thanks for asking here first, and good luck.

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  • Thanks for the reply – Freakyuser Nov 27 '12 at 11:04

You should also put yourself in the position of a potential responder. If they were to say "brand x was a really good buy from my perspective", they are likely to just invite responses (if you're lucky), and anonymous downvotes (if you're not) from people who think brand x is the biggest pile of.....

So pretty soon everything just becomes a subjective argument. What's the point of that? That wouldn't help you work out what bike to buy.

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