Prior to the editing attempt to shoehorn it into a format that works on Bicycles SE, this question would have been a good fit for Patents SE. I've suggested a rollback to make it a good fit for their site but I don't know how the migration process works. How would I suggest that it get migrated?

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Basic process:

  1. Verify that the question is constructive, clear, and generally a good Stack Exchange style question.
  2. Verify that the question would be on-topic on the other site. If you're not active on the other site, read the first part of their faq where site scope is laid out. If it seems at all borderline, you may want to ask on their meta or chat.
  3. If the question is on-topic on our site, you'll want to try to get the original questioner on-board with a migration (comment asking if they want it migrated).
  4. If the question is good and on-topic for the other site, depending on your reputation, you can either use "close">"off-topic">"belongs on another site" and enter the site you think it belongs on, or "flag">"it doesn't belong here">"off-topic" and enter the site it belongs on.

We don't have any sites that we've migrated a lot of things to, so there's nothing in the site list other than our own meta. That means it always ends up turning into a flag for the moderators to deal with.

If your rep is over 3,000, please consider checking the review queue every once in a while for Close Votes and Reopen Votes. That can help things to happen without moderator intervention. As mod, I'm happier migrating a question that has a couple "please migrate me" votes than one with nothing.

This only applies to questions asked in the last couple months. It's not possible to migrate older questions.

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