Should the tag be used to tag questions in the vein of "Should I buy a new bike or upgrade this bike?" or "This question is about a new bike or a bike I just upgraded"?

I happened to see a post tagged like the latter and think we should clarify a guideline.

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The tag should only be used for that first case. The second ("the question is about either A or B, but not both") is not how to properly use tags.

I reviewed site usage of that tag. The questions were all either about upgrading an existing bike, or about shopping for a new bike. I cleaned the tags up on all those questions. I also made "new-bike" a synonym for "shopping", figuring that's what a lot of people were trying to find when they applied that tag.

I also put this text in the tag summary:

Making a choice between upgrading a bike you have or simply buying a new bike

If you can phrase that better, feel free to make a suggestion.

  • Looks good enough to me. Thanks!
    – Aaron
    Oct 1, 2013 at 21:36

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