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Can only cast 38 votes (not daily limit of 40), any ideas?

So, I'm being taunted with the promise of the Vox Populi badge, the site even suggests that I "Go get it!" But when I try to do the last two votes I'm told "Daily vote limit reached; vote again in 18 ...
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"Mortarboard" badge- new?

I recently was awarded the "Mortarboard" bronze badge. It's for earning more than 200pts in a day. Turns out I had done this in the past back in October of 2011. Is this a new badge? Is the algorithm ...
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Publicist badge

At times while on the site, a popup appears with a link to the question offering the publicist badge. I've pasted the link into Facebook, etc. but I have not gotten the publicist badge. Is there a ...
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