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What determines tag order and the tag used in the browser titlebar?

My recent question How might I measure the proportion of a ride spent in various hand positions, or has it been studied? has 3 tags. I added them in the order [drop-bar], [riding-position], [long-...
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Is this an autofill bug?

I was editing this question to add some tags, then entering the edit reason I used autofill as seen in the screengrabs. notice the difference between the autofill suggestion and what actually appears ...
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Text sticks out of block quote

Reading this answer, I noticed some text sticking out of the edge of the blockquote
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Change the confusing and unintelligible site icon

This site (the main site, not the meta; ok, also the meta) has a weird/silly logo icon: And it looks even less intelligible as a favicon. I always forget what the tabs with this icon mean. In this ...
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Recent activity glitch

This question showed up on the front page as modified 7 hours ago (about 1900UT Saturday 8/22) by Daniel R Hicks. When I clicked through I don't see any modification recently. He commented on May 7 ...
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What is framing and why does it need processed?

I'm currently trying to upload some photos and I'm getting a site error. The alert box is stating that "for security reasons, framing is not allowed, click to ok to remove" (wording more or less). ...
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certificate warning on (on firefox)

Coming to I am greeted with a "invalid certificate" warning: Apparently the certificate is valid for *, but not for *.* At least ...
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"Bicycles 2011 community moderator election" doesn't end on a wednesday

The notification at the top of bicycles.SE says: "The Bicycles 2011 community moderator election ends on Wednesday sep 29th" Not only the 29th is a Thursday, but also the elections end on a Thursday....
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What is your bicycles question?

I believe this should read what's your bicycle question? be specific.
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Hills, bike, etc. disappear in IE 8

The hills and bicycle and all the other nice stuff in the header of the new redesign completely disappear in IE 8: What it's supposed to look like (Chrome): What it looks like in IE 8:
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View count not incrementing for meta page

This page has a view count of zero. This has to be wrong because the question has been upvoted and answered. Here is the full page:
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Publicist badge

At times while on the site, a popup appears with a link to the question offering the publicist badge. I've pasted the link into Facebook, etc. but I have not gotten the publicist badge. Is there a ...
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2 answers

Rep not synchronized

I was under the impression that rep was synchronized across a parent site and its corresponding meta site. I'm getting a 30 point difference when I switch back and forth between bicycles and meta....
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