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I asked what happens if you neglect your chain. My question was closed. How can we make it comply with the subjective-question guidelines?

I posted a question: "If you buy and install a brand-new chain, but never clean or lubricate it, what will happen?" It was closed as "primarily opinion-based". For now, unfortunately, nobody can ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Is it appropriate to close a question as a duplicate of another closed question?

So, I voted to close Headphones while cycling as a duplicate of Is listening to music dangerous while cycling? However, the other question was closed (due to being unconstructive). Mostly because ...
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Editing and reopening a closed question

There is a question that was posed back in January that wasn't well formed but which had the bones of a very good question in it. You can see it here, it is closed now. I'm wondering, can/should it be ...
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A guide to moderating Bicycles.stackexchange yourself - close voting

It appears that perhaps some of our high-rep users are unsure how the close voting system works, so I'm blatantly stealing a nice guide from
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The "how to tell if a used bike is worth it" thread was closed and a link to a similar question was posted

The linked-to question about a craigslist bike doesn't address the narrow question as asked. The question seemed to me to be directed towards valuing frames and components and comparing used bikes ...
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I asked a snow-related question. Why was it closed and deleted?

I don't like biking in deep snow. I asked and self-answered a question: "Will it snow in my city? If so, when, and how much?". I am curious: Why was it closed and deleted?
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