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Why were my flags declined on these clearly "conversational" comments?

Community guidance on comments is clear: comments are ephemeral, intended to live long enough to convey information to either the author of a post, or another person commenting, and no longer. ...
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Canned Moderation Responses

I have a doc that I keep with some "canned" moderation responses. I add them as comments when going through the mod queue. Since a large portion of the community participates in moderation activities, ...
6 votes
3 answers

Should there be answers to questions in the comments?

People often use the comments section to answer questions. Should we encourage people to use the Answer space for answers and the Comments space only to ask for more information or to clarify a ...
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Why did I get “User does not have permission to comment on this post”?

I tried to post a comment on this answer and received the rather impersonal sounding reaction “User does not have permission to comment on this post”. I normally have no trouble posting comments and ...
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2 answers

What is it about this question that it's getting upvotes and positive comments?

The answer does not include anything about comfort, which is the root of the question. The answer and the comments just pile on against a person who would use the product. What is wrong with this ...
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Can a new user comment on their own post?

During review of Late Answers, I left a comment. The user responded by posting a new answer, saying that he couldn't reply to my comment until he had 50 rep. I (perhaps mis-)understood that users ...
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Why was my comment deleted?

Last night I made a comment on a post about dealing with rude drivers. I recounted a story in which a carload of obese women yelled "Get the f*k off the road!" at me. I caught up to them at the next ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Is there a compilation of standard building blocks for comments?

On there is a compilation of standard text building blocks that can be used to comment frequently appearing types of questions or answers. Those are typically of a kind ...
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2 votes
1 answer

What are the restrictions on posting comments to

Are there reputation or other limits on commenting on Sometimes I see an add comment option, but only on the original question, sometimes below the answers and sometimes ...
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Should comments be toned down or controlled a bit? [closed]

The comments seem to be getting a bit excessive lately. Here's one example: Does seat post suspension reduce efficiency? In the linked question, and in another person's answer, zenbike and ...
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2 answers

What if comments on answers start to grow and look like a forum?

It already happened to me twice. Someone asks, and there is a lot of answers. From one of these answers, one commenter asks for clarification. The answer author writes, and then a sort of dialogue ...
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7 answers

Comment clutter - Does it bother you, and would you want it cleaned up?

Have you ever seen a comment under that made no sense? Maybe the comment mentioned something about the question that wasn't there any more (maybe a typo was edited out of the question), or a comment ...
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