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Bicycles updated site theme is ready for testing!

As part of implementing the new unified themes across the network, we're gradually rolling out updated site themes for each site. As of today, we have enabled your updated site theme for testing. If ...
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Text sticks out of block quote

Reading this answer, I noticed some text sticking out of the edge of the blockquote
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Our logo icon makes no sense

Does anyone know what our site logo is supposed to represent? A box? A Transformers® character? Is there any desire to have a better logo? If it has to be squarish, I'd suggest a penny-farthing ...
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Site design updates are live!

Most of the changes won’t be visible (except for tweaks to the header that were made to condense the space to get the question list higher); these tweaks go along with recent updates that were made to ...
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How do you feel about the icon used for this SE Bicycles site? [duplicate]

I think the icon is bland and it looks like a stock option. Can we have it changed? How do other people feel about this icon? I think it should be more bicycle-related. Do you feel that this ...
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Bicycles Moderator Cards

We recently printed some business cards for our Stack Exchange employees and they turned out great. It got us thinking: our sites' moderators have been working hard to keep our sites high quality for ...
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What is the icon supposed to represent?

From looking at the small favicon, it looks like a bluegreen heart on top of a gray cube: Seeing the larger icon, it looks like a medieval shield or saloon doors with SE on them, or perhaps a ...
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Favourite tag questions aren't clear enough

One thing that's been bothering me since the release of the theme is the highlighting of favourite tags. I don't know if it's just me but I find the questions with favourite tags very ...
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What is your bicycles question?

I believe this should read what's your bicycle question? be specific.
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vector graphics logo for laser cutting

I like the new B.SE design. My first thought was that the logo is inspired by bike headbadges, so it can be used as a real-life headbadge. With current computerized machining technology it wouldn't ...
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Hills, bike, etc. disappear in IE 8

The hills and bicycle and all the other nice stuff in the header of the new redesign completely disappear in IE 8: What it's supposed to look like (Chrome): What it looks like in IE 8:
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New Design Launched

As you can see the new design just went live. Which means this site has been officially launched! Congratulations! Thank you for your valuable design feedback. I have made a few tweaks on the design ...
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Design for Bicycles Stack Exchange.

I'm Jin, and I'll be working on the designs for the Stack Exchange sites as they graduate from the beta phase. Each site will have its own unique theme that will reflect its topic. However, all sites ...
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