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How to handle answers you don't agree with?

I provided an answer on this question last week which was quickly commented on by a user who provided conflicting information with no assumptions or evidence to support their opinion. Granted I did ...
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Asking questions where one already knows the answer?

In Is the Suunto Ambit compatible with the Bontrager DuoTrap Digital Speed/Cadence Sensor? the questioner answered his question immediately after having posted his question. Beside the fact, that I ...
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Should personal tone/references be avoided in our community?

Since this community is still relatively small compared to, for example, StackOverflow, and since there are, fortunately, lots of commited users, it is relatively common to see comments and answers ...
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What is the best way to incorporate troubleshooting steps in an answer?

In the question "Chain slipping off derailleur jockey (need suggestions ASAP)" the initial question put @DanielRHicks and I off in the wrong direction, because of an assumption made from the phrasing ...
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Is it OK to significantly change content of a question after it has been answered

I asked this question about transporting twins a few weeks back. The original thrust of the question was how to transport twins without a trailer. There are several good answers for both putting kids ...
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