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How to identify to provide accurate information to other cyclists

Does anyone know a site I can send pictures of bicyles to help me identify them? They are all 2017 to 2021 except a blue Battaglin frame. The ones I have in the US are a 2017 Willier, Dacordi Carbon ...
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Are questions on identifying bike via a picture on topic here?

Can I ask for identifying a particular bike -- model, type or at least providing any details -- if all I have is a picture of an old, African bicycle. Would such question be on topic here? I am a ...
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Can we have close reason for serial number id-this-bike questions?

We get a lot of id-this-bike questions of varying quality, those without pictures need to be improved. Sometimes they get voted to close because there isn't enough information in the question for an i....
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How do I ask a good "ID My Bike" question?

When asking an "ID My Bike" question what information about the bike should I include? Would a good "ID My Bike" question need all of the following or are there a few key things that would offer the ...
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Questions to identify a model/brand/year add little value

I fail to see the value of questions that ask to identify a specific bike, often based on a single photo and little textual information. I'd like to suggest to make these off-topic. Even if a bike ...
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Are "identify my bike" postings on topic here?

Every week or two there is an "identify my bike" post on, typically with no other information besides a picture and the wording from labels on the bike. Is this considered ...
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