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The process of migrating off-topic questions from one Stack Exchange site to another.

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Migrating answers from (new) users which should be questions

It seems quite frequent that a new user will ask their question as an answer to an existing question. Presumably they find that existing one via google and ask in the answer box without really ...
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Inapropriate Migration

This question was recently migrated from this SE to the ...
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Can I rewrite a question that didn't benefit from migration?

I wrote the following question on bicycles.SE: A moderator encouraged me to ...
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Suggested migration sites

After freiheit's answer to this question, I thought I might ask the community for suggestions for sites to be added to our migration list. One suggestion per answer please. That way the community ...
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What is the process to migrate a question to another Stack Exchange site?

Prior to the editing attempt to shoehorn it into a format that works on Bicycles SE, this question would have been a good fit for Patents SE. I've suggested a rollback to make it a good fit for their ...
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Keirin question on travel Stack Exchange - would it be better here?

Over on the travel site we've had this question about keirin in Japan that's been there for a while without any answers. It was mentioned that it might be more suitable to the bicycles site here so I ...
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