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Are tag wiki edits put into the standard Suggested edits review queue?

I proposed 5 days ago an edit to a tag wiki that had no excerpt. I was curious to see if those kind of edits went to the Suggested edits review queue as normal question/answer edits so I looked at the ...
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2 answers

Reviewing short posts from new users?

Trying to be encouraging of new users, how should we handle it when a new contributor has a short but sincere answer flagged as low quality, in reviewing the post? I left a comment to encourage more ...
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4 answers

Are link URLs to link-text edits beneficial?

I've been reviewing a number of edits which consist only of changing plain link URLs to URLs hidden with descriptive text. For a fictional example:- You can read more about this here: http://www....
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Does SO take any responsibilty if answers/threads are suicide-wise or dangerous?

A question about wearing a skiing helmet lived in compliance: no-one really opposed the possibly dangerous idea to wearing a skiing helmet while driving a bicycle. I was shocked that this kind of life-...
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Peer review for edits?

Thanks for your edit! This edit will only be visible to you until it is peer reviewed. Edited this question (fixed a link), and once I was done I saw the message above. I don't think I've seen that ...
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