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Old Shopping Questions: To close or not to close?

The community has decided that shopping questions aren't a good fit for the site. Every once in a while, a straight-up shopping question pops up that is still lurking around from the bad ol' days. It ...
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Should I ask a question to ask guide for buying a new bike?

Should I ask a question to ask guide for buying a new bike? How to select an inexpensive road bike for a heavier rider? I asked this question and it down ranked. I just wondered if it's out of ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Are bike reviews appropriate?

I see plenty of product recommendation requests ("what product or brand fills my need?"), but apparently no (easily findable) reviews/answers ("here's my experience with brand X model Y"). I was ...
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Do we go shopping?

After seeing this meta question about this shopping question and this blog post I wonder: do we do product recommendations on Bicycles SE?
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