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Is this an autofill bug?

I was editing this question to add some tags, then entering the edit reason I used autofill as seen in the screengrabs. notice the difference between the autofill suggestion and what actually appears ...
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2 answers

Can I ask a question about bicycle culture in the Southwest?

I am an avid bicyclist who is new to the Texas/Southwestern United States area. I am wondering if its okay to ask questions about bicycle culture in this forum? I have tried to do so in the travel ...
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0 answers

A milestone reached: 10000 questions

As the Questions page shows, the site now has over 10000 questions! The graph of questions per month shows that the rate at which questions are asked is also growing, with obvious seasonal ...
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How can I ask a question that no single person can answer, but the entire community can?

I am referring specifically to this question, which was closed: What alternative spoke lacing patterns exist (that make a decent wheel)?. My question is, can I word this in a way such that the ...
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Bike building questions

With winter coming/already here for some of us, as stated in the winter post here on meta, some people will be at work building a new bike or modifying their ride. This question was closed quite ...
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4 answers

Bicycles on transit systems: one question for all systems or one question per system?

Ian asked a question about taking bikes on the tube. This brought up the question of whether we should have one question for each transit system about when and how you can bring bikes on it, or ...
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5 votes
6 answers

Bicycle Racing Topics?

Are racing / racing-training questions ok for this site?
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5 votes
5 answers

Suggesting bike routes, allowed?

Did we get a consensus as to whether discussing bike routes in a region falls into this space or not? Having read some of the answers to date, it seems that two issues come up. Routes are somewhat ...
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