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Nutrition and Diet tags

Should the nutrition and diet tags be merged? They seem to be used interchangeably.
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The "elevator pitch" for this site is slightly ungrammatical

The "elevator pitch" (not sure what the exact name is) for this site , which you can see at the top of the tour, is as follows: Bicycles is a question and answer site for people who build and ...
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What's the best use of the upgrade-vs-new tag

Should the upgrade-or-new-bike tag be used to tag questions in the vein of "Should I buy a new bike or upgrade this bike?" or "This question is about a new bike or a bike I just upgraded"? I happened ...
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Please make redirect to

It can be a bit difficult to tell people how to go to our site, what with the 9 syllable name of "bicycles dot stack exchange dot com". Cutting a couple syllables out so that we can tell people to go ...
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URL Blacklist request

Could we please blacklist I've just seen the third round of somebody spamming our site with this URL. Spam answers (originally via 3 different accounts): https://bicycles....
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Would it be possible, or advisable, to enable video embedding on Bicycles.SE?

On the site they have the ability to embed YouTube videos in both their questions and their answers. I think that embedding video, especially for questions which require detailed, complex ...
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Can we merge the tag ‘belt-driven-chains’ with ‘belt-drive’?

The tag name belt-driven-chains is oxymoronic: a belt is not a chain! It makes sense to me to merge it with the simpler and more accurate belt-drive. Can this be done? How?
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Cyclometer synonym for bike-computer? [closed]

I don't have anywhere near the rep to propose this directly, but cyclometer seems like a good synonym for bike-computer. It took me a few seconds to realize how I should tag a question I just posted - ...
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Tell me about what lights you use!

I'm going to be doing some blog posts reviewing bicycle taillights. Based on recommendations I've read in posts on this site, and the highly-rated and best-selling lights at various online retailers, ...
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"Bicycles 2011 community moderator election" doesn't end on a wednesday

The notification at the top of bicycles.SE says: "The Bicycles 2011 community moderator election ends on Wednesday sep 29th" Not only the 29th is a Thursday, but also the elections end on a Thursday....
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Moz Back, where is Moz? What happened to his account? Deleted? Why?

I noticed that Moz's answers are now with odd colour. Could someone explain what is happening? He has offered high quality answers and he is one of the most respected bicyclist on this network. Now ...
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What is your bicycles question?

I believe this should read what's your bicycle question? be specific.
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Should we change the tag 'Water' to 'Hydration'?

The hydration tag already acts as a synonym for water. I think the water tag should be changed to hydration. Here are the main differences between the two words and why I consider hydration to be a ...
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Publicist badge

At times while on the site, a popup appears with a link to the question offering the publicist badge. I've pasted the link into Facebook, etc. but I have not gotten the publicist badge. Is there a ...
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