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Consider removing the chain-tool tag?

Bicycles Exchange already has a tag for "tools" with its wiki as follows: Tools you use for repairing, maintaining, building, etc. Pump, chain breaker, wrenches, spoke tool, repair stand etc....
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Is Puncture a suitable synonym for Patch?

In What should I put in a bicycle emergency patch kit for situations more severe than a common puncture? I see that user2617804 points out there is no tag for Patch I was going to add it as a synonym ...
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8 votes
1 answer

Do we need both the [children] and [kids] tags?

I noticed that on Bicycles.SE there is both a children tag and a kids tag. Neither has any usage guidance, and the are not synonyms. I don't see a good reason for there to be both, though, so I think ...
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11 votes
4 answers

Should the frostcycling tag exist?

It seems that someone recently added a tag called frostcycling. It doesn't have usage guidance at the time of writing. Looking at the list of questions, they appear to be not distinct from the winter ...
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Tag synonym: cycle-computer --> bike-computer

We have 55 questions tagged bike-computer and another 13 tagged cycle-computer. These should be synonymized. (And, on meta, we have both "tagging" and "tags", which should probably also be ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Cyclometer synonym for bike-computer? [closed]

I don't have anywhere near the rep to propose this directly, but cyclometer seems like a good synonym for bike-computer. It took me a few seconds to realize how I should tag a question I just posted - ...
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Should we change the tag 'Water' to 'Hydration'?

The hydration tag already acts as a synonym for water. I think the water tag should be changed to hydration. Here are the main differences between the two words and why I consider hydration to be a ...
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Merge tags "road" and "road-bike"?

It looks to me like everything tagged road is actually about a road bike. Much of road-bike is also tagged "road", even... These tags look redundant to me, and it'd be nice to get everything that's ...
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