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I agree it makes little sense. In particular, questions in the HNQ list show up like this: To me, this is little more than a green heart. I do see the connection - cycling is a healthy activity that also has a low environmental impact. However bikes and cycling are not necessarily the first things that spring to mind when I see a green heart. I'm not a ...


It looks like a head tube badge to me. For what its worth, I like it. A Pennyfarthing wouldn't be as readable in say the tabs at the top of Chrome, but it might work better on the Stackexchange Android app where the logo has too much space around it.


I for one like the icon. It looks like something that any bike would proudly display on its head tube.


Does anyone know what our site logo is supposed to represent? Might I suggest bicycles? (I'm not suggesting that the site's current logo is currently intended to represent that. I'm suggesting that is what the site logo should be intending to represent.) I sought out this question. Although I do actually have some reputation due to some involvement ...


This is my first question ever asked on SE and I'm excited to be a part of this community! Welcome! From your bio, it looks like you've done a good amount of cycling, and almost certainly would have something to contribute. I'd suggest that, rather than complaining about our logo (which the community has discussed already), you might contribute by asking ...


We no longer officially support IE8, and this problem doesn't affect the functionality of the site.


I really miss having the header background extending to the body background. I assume having the circle extend below the header is no longer possible, but seems like having that textured color extend down on the sides is possible in the new theme.


People (including the designer) discussed the icon in comments to this answer (and perhaps other places too).

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