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I enjoyed the question (obviously) and a lot of what I enjoyed was Daniel's careful wording to make it totally clear that something was afoot, I laughed out loud (or lol'd) when I cottoned on and realised it was not serious. The joke is that you would have to be an idiot to use an e-reader when you're cycling. However (!) I am a firm believer in idiot-...


In the short term I have added a tag for this kind of thing. If you're aware of other older questions that would benefit, do feel free to retag them.


I'm not happy with this joke question. Even being fully aware that it is an April Fool's question and not to be taken seriously, when reading the questions and answers, they mostly look completely serious, and there were almost no indications that I could see that the post was intended as a joke. It should also be considered that April Fool's Day is not ...

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