I have a motorcycle question, but I'm suprised to find that there is no motorcycle stack exchange, not even in Area 51!

According to this answer, motorcycles are off-topic on the bicycles stack exchange.

Where should I ask motorcycle questions?

Some options:

  1. Mechanics SE
  2. Start a Motorcycle SE in Area 51
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  • Good work for asking, but they're definitely off-topic for bicycles. There is some grey area/overlap with electric-assist bikes and to some extent liquid-fuel bikes provided they have pedal components, but in reality most of the liquid fuel bikes are ridden fully on motor, not using the motor as an assist to pedalling. – Criggie Sep 1 '17 at 23:02

Motor Vehicle Maintenance & Repair

According to this post, motorcycle questions are on-topic on the mechanics stack exchange.

A motorcycle SE was proposed in Area 51, but it failed to gain traction.

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